Lice Headquarters charges an affordable one-time flat rate and includes a free follow up one week later to ensure that                         re-infestation does not occur. The treatment is all natural and 100% guaranteed.


Shana Weiner, certified physician assistant, daughter of famous Abigail Rosenfeld, aka “The Lice Lady”, has over 15 years experience checking and removing head lice Together they have come up with an all-natural, effective and efficient way of eradicating head lice in a single treatment that usually takes less than an hour.
Shana Weiner, works as a physician assistant at the largest pediatric practice in New Jersey. She has an extensive medical knowledge on chemical lice treatments and their side effects. Working in the medical field reinforced her commitment to only use safe, non-toxic methods of lice removal.
School nurses highly recommend Shana and Abigail because of their success rate. Most often, students treated by Lice Headquarters return to school later the same day completely free of lice and nits.
Lice headquarters works with clients to ensure utmost comfort and care. They have a tremendous amount of patience when working with children. Lice Headquarters will be happy to treat you in the privacy and comfort of your own home or at one of our locations. We offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments.
Head lice can be an extremely overwhelming experience. Stress can be reduced by calling Lice Headquarters for help. Lice Headquarters offers guidance every step of the process to ensure that you remain calm and lice free. Contact us arrow-0311
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Shana Weiner, certified physician assistant and her mom Abigail Rosenfeld have been featured in many well known publications such as The New Yorker, NY Daily News, Asbury Park Press, WCBS News and many more! Go arrow-0311