Most people panic when they hear the word lice; although for Shana Weiner certified physician assistant, it is an opportunity to help yet another family. Daughter of the famous Abigail Rosenfeld from Brooklyn, the “Lice Lady”, Shana continues her mother’s legacy. Abigail has been helping families with head lice for over 25 years, and Shana for over a decade! For them, lice isn’t just a profession, it is a way of reaching out to help those in need. Their calm and non-panic approach to lice has helped hundreds of families deal with what otherwise would have been a crisis.
Shana learnt how to get rid of lice at a relatively young age. Always willing and eager to help others, she would lend a hand when her mother was overbooked. Shana’s first professional debut with lice was right before the Passover holiday. The phone rang by the Rosenfeld’s, and Abigail, post-partum, answered with her usual calm. On the other side of the line was a woman with a large family, who, in the midst of her holiday preparations, discovered that her entire family had lice. Abigail, sensing the woman’s desperation, offered to allow Shana, though only 12 at the time, to help her delouse her family. Shana patiently taught the mother how to use the lice comb, and she helped her until the family was completely free of lice and nits
After graduating High School, Shana continued her studies at Touro College. A few years later she married Chaim Weiner and taught him the family business. She then attended Downstate Medical Center’s P.A. program and became a physician assistant. Throughout college she continued working with her mother and husband delousing families in her spare time. Shana always enjoyed working with children, so after graduating Downstate, she joined one of NJ’s largest pediatric practice. Shana continues to help families deal with head lice after work.
Through her work in pediatrics, Shana saw firsthand how many people panic when they hear the word head lice. Most parents and even many physicians have no idea what lice look like, let alone the options available to eradicate them. Shana, having grown up in an environment that encouraged a more natural means of lice removal was surprised at the vast amounts of parents that, despite their reservations, used toxic shampoos out of desperation. Many parents would even apply the shampoos several times because they would still see live lice after treatments.
Realizing the need in NJ to publicize a natural and effective lice removal method, her husband encouraged her to finally open a lice removal company- Lice Headquarters LLC. Lice Headquarters LLC uses an all-natural – chemical free approach to remove lice and nits. Most heads are completely clean in less than an hour and satisfaction is guaranteed! Shana Weiner, fondly referred to by patients as PA Weiner, is Lakewood’s first choice when it comes to lice removal. She comes highly recommended by many top physicians and school nurses.